Health and safety are always our priority. The ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak presents a risk to health and has forced us to withdraw from LogiMAT 2020. We are sorry to have to disappoint you, but the health of our customers, employees and the wider public comes first. Meanwhile, our experts are always available to provide further information – simply contact your local representative. You can also catch up with our latest event news here:

Get ready for the second-gen MDL-I

Our new second-generation MDL-Industrial offers savings all the way from purchase to transport to installation and operation. Marketing director Stefan Petersson says many customers who saw the original product on its launch at LogiMAT in Stuttgart last year rated it “fantastic”. Sold! “The market’s response to the original model was so enthusiastic that our display […]

How Andritz and Ahlstrom-Munksjö make the pulp and paper industry safer

High-volume pulp drying is one of the toughest challenges a production manager can face. The pulp – a watery gloop – goes into one end of a huge, hot, noisy machine, and emerges at the other end as a pristine product such as paper. The combination of a fragile biological material, speed, moisture, and heat […]