Lift Table MXE

Hymo MXE has a lifting capacity up to 2000 kg and a stroke of 800mm. The E-shape platform and the very low closed height makes MXE an unrivalled choice for handling palletised goods. The arms of the "E" support the pallet. Hymo MXE can be loaded by hand pallet truck. The low closed height means the MXE-table can be sited directly on the floor - no pit is needed. it can quickly and easily be moved to a new location when requred. This lift is for use with open ended pallets. Our E-shaped low-profile table is specially adapted for handling Euro pallets.

Category Capacity Lift stroke Closed height Width Length Model ITEM NO. ITEM REF.
500 800 80 1050 1350 MX5-8E P 1137768 MX5-8E P
1000 800 80 1050 1350 MX10-8E P 1137758 MX10-8E P
2000 800 100 1200 1400 MX20-8E P 1137763 MX20-8E P