Optima Lift Table Trolley TX

The Hymo Lift Trolley is an all-in-one load transporter and worktable. A mobile lift table, which can be used for the transportation and handling of goods or simply as a workbench for assembly, stacking or machine feeding operations. The TXC lift trolley needs no power supply. The lifting movement is activated with a foot pedal and the lowering with a hand control, allowing the operator to select the most ergonomic working position. Hymo TXC has a lifting cpacity of 150, 300, 350 and 500 kg.

Artno Model Category Capacity Lift stroke Length Width Closed height
TXC1,5-7 TXC1,5-7 150 500 700 450 220
TXC3-8 TXC3-8 300 585 850 500 295
TXC3,5-13 TXC3,5-13 350 945 910 500 355
TXC5-8 TXC5-8 500 585 850 500 295