Optima Lift Table EAX

Hymo EAX is available with lifting capacities 1000 and 2000 kg and a stroke of 800 mm. EAX is suited to many applications where an ergonomic working height is important. Hymo EAX is available only as a standard model and not designed for customisation which is reflected in the economial pricing of the EAX range.

Artno Model Category Capacity Lift stroke Length Width Closed height
EAXC10-8/6-N EAXC10-8/6-N 1000 800 1200 800 200
EAXC10-8/6-N-230 EAXC10-8/6-N-230 1000 800 1200 800 200
EAXC20-8/6-N EAXC20-8/6-N 2000 800 1350 800 220