Automated Outbound Shipping Area

Fluctuating demand and reversing the flow

Many factors converge and make the outbound shipping area of a distribution center particularly tough to design safely and efficiently. The main challenge is daily fluctuations in peak hours, demand and type of shipments. And the fact that the same area is used for receiving goods, usually in the morning.

The flow is designed to be one way in the morning and then reversed in the afternoon. By reversing the flow in the afternoon the goods can be safely and efficiently transported back to the loading docks.

Safety first

As with any highly trafficked area of a distribution center, there are many safety concerns to consider. Such as space often being limited and with many people working close to each other. Not to mention the number of big trucks and forklifts. In other words, it can be difficult to create full safety along with high efficiency when designing your outbound shipping area. By building a fully automated solution the drivers can safely and quickly load goods directly from the conveyor belt with the use of automatic infeeder solutions and UXB-automatic lift tables and be set to go.