The PalletPal spring level loader has quickly become the natural choice across a wide range of industries. As a standalone solution it is ready for work almost immediately, with no need for power or air supplies. Its compactness makes it quick and easy to relocate as your operational needs change. What’s more, adjusting a PalletPal for a new role in a different area takes just seconds.

For even greater versatility, take a look at PalletPal’s comprehensive accessories program, which makes it easier than ever to make PalletPal the perfect fit for your pallet loading/unloading operations.

Portability kit/wheel frame: Simply roll your PalletPal to its new position, without needing trucks or hand lifts. This saves time, and makes you more agile in the face of changing operating requirements.

Adjustable feet: Quickly adjust your PalletPal to uneven floors and different floor levels, improving safety and stability across a wide range of locations and floorings.

Bellows: Increase safety and minimize maintenance. Quick and easy to mount, the bellows keeps your PalletPal free from dust and dirt. And prevents limbs, wires, and other equipment from being pinched or trapped.

Solid or circular top plate: Quickly switch between top plates to enable the most ergonomic and near side loading/unloading for any application. This fine-tuning can significantly improve the operator’s productivity and ergonomics.

Foot step: The quick and easy way to avoid stretching or reaching in specific situations. Installed or removed in just seconds, the foot step immediately improves productivity and ergonomics.

Learn more about The World’s Best Pneumatic Pallet Leveler Now, Even Better!
Spring Level Loader: PalletPal 360™ (1,44MB .pdf)

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