On a train, engine failure is inconvenient. Up in an airplane…

“When you test and overhaul airplane engines, you have to be right out on the edge of what you can achieve,” says Kim Brinkmann Andersen, TPE Engine Technician at DAO Aviation in Denmark. “These are top-quality products from the leaders in the turboprop industry, and we have to do them justice. And we never forget our responsibility to aircrew and passengers.”

The rapid progress of digitalization and remote monitoring gives technicians rapid access to engine test data from the jet engine test cell. “Not like the old days, when they could do little more than watch through a window,” comments Kim. “Our hands-on work has also come a long way since then.”

Ergonomics: vital part of safety chain
The engine under test is mounted on an immobile framework for stability and good access. But these are big machines, which presents a challenge. “It is important to be able to adopt an ergonomic stance when working on any part of the engine,” Kim points out. “A fatigued or uncomfortable technician is a weak link in the chain between personal health & safety and a reliable engine. Good ergonomics speed up the work, too.”

Lift platforms are the ideal solution
The old ladders are long gone. DAO now uses lift platforms from VPG. VPG are a very good match for DAO, with both companies having safety locked into their DNA.

“For us, compliance with health & safety legislation is a given, the bare minimum,” Kim says. “We are always looking for the maximum. For our employees, our customers, and the people eventually trusting their lives to the engines we test and overhaul.”

Kim Brinkmann Andersen, TPE Engine Technician at DAO Aviation in Denmark
Kim Brinkmann Andersen, TPE Engine Technician at DAO Aviation in Denmark

Faster, safer, more reliable
“We now mount the engines between VPG service platforms,” says Kim. “VPG’s smart controls enable us to adjust the platform height quickly to the ideal position for the technician. The job is faster and safer to perform, and helps us build even more safety and reliability into the engine.”

“We are very pleased with the results, and with all the quality of the VPG solution and the way they have cooperated with us. We recommend them,” concludes Kim.

For more information about the service platform and lift table solution: Joakim.Paulsson@vpgab.com

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