AGV automated

Incredible performance by the world’s smallest lift table

Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) solutions are key for modern distribution centers. Traditionally, AGVs have not been used with hydraulic lift tables due to issues with comparative size. That is no longer the case thanks to the world’s smallest lift table with integrated hydraulics, the M0. AGVs are already a familiar sight in distribution and logistics centers. Now manufacturing can enjoy that level of cost savings and efficiency too, alongside the industry’s other initiatives in robotics and automation.

Precise operations and new opportunities

With the M0 and an AGV and you can easily move items of all sizes and ensure first-class ergonomics for the workers. The solution can easily move items between locations without the need for permanent tracks, which makes it very flexible. Due to advances in build quality and smart construction the M0 can replicate what bigger lift tables can do. Combined with the flexibility of AGVs makes them ideal for lean manufacturing. You can design a production line that can adapt quickly to changing working conditions.

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