Dear Partner,
We are thrilled to announce a significant evolution at Vertical Positioning Group (VPG). We are transitioning to SIGI Europe AB, marking our integration into the SIGI global network. This transition is not just a change in name but a leap forward in enhancing our services, broadening our expertise, and expanding our global reach.


Strengthening Our Brands
Our commitment to the Hymo brand remains stronger than ever, now with the added support of SIGI’s global network. It will be recognised with the prestigious addition of being ’a SIGI brand,’ symbolising our new, exciting chapter and the enhanced possibilities it brings.

Some Practical Changes
With the transition to SIGI Europe AB, our organisation number will remain unchanged. Beginning April 1st, we will update our email and bank account details. The ’SIGI Europe AB Quick Reference Guide’ provides all the necessary updates. While current emails stay active during the transition, we urge you to consult the guide for updating your records.

Moving Forward
We are excited about this transition and confident in the value it will bring to our partnership. Our local and regional contacts are ready to outline the benefits of these changes and assist with any practical details. Please feel free to reach out for any questions or further clarifications.

We thank you for your continued support and look forward to this new chapter together.

Warm regards,
Pär Martinsson
General Manager
SIGI Europe AB

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