Ever wondered how family business values fit into a big company? Meet My Hoffmann. Growing up in a family business, My learned about understanding customers and the importance of a tight-knit team. Now, after 16 years at VPG, she brings those family values to a global stage. For My, VPG isn’t just a company; it’s an extended family where she plays a pivotal role.

The Leadership of Listening

“At the heart of our work lies a simple principle: understanding the customer and their needs, and then acting accordingly. Ensuring customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of our success,” My emphasizes. As the head of customer service, My’s role has transitioned from direct customer interactions to mentoring her team to excel in every customer touchpoint. “Listening, for me, isn’t just a skill; it’s an integral part of my leadership.”

Dedicated to this philosophy and the principle of continuous improvement, My has a daily ritual: a 20-minute “morning round.” It’s her way of connecting with colleagues at the same time keeping her in the loop of ongoing projects.

“My approach to leadership is rooted in humility. Everyone deserves to feel heard and acknowledged. We’re all human, and making mistakes is a given. The key is to learn, reflect, and grow from them.”

Championing Diversity in Leadership

As the first woman on VPG’s management team, My brings a distinct and invaluable perspective. She advocates for diversity, acknowledging its critical importance in yielding diverse insights and innovative problem-solving strategies.

“For me, it’s less about my gender and more about fostering a genuinely diverse workforce. I wholeheartedly believe in its merit – research confirms that diverse and equal companies are consistently more profitable. If my journey can inspire other women to rise within our company, it would be an immense honor.”

For those interested in understanding the impact of diversity on business profitability, this study by McKinsey provides valuable insights: https://www.mckinsey.com/capabilities/people-and-organizational-performance/our-insights/delivering-through-diversity

Digital Transformation and Growth

Passionate about optimization, My has played a pivotal role in numerous digital transformation initiatives at VPG. “It’s incredible to witness the speed and precision the new business and CRM systems have brought to our operations,” says My. Driven by a spirit of continuous improvement, the introduction of these groundbreaking digital tools has revolutionized our processes, significantly enhancing the value we offer to our customers. Furthermore, these new digital platforms ensure that our distributors receive unparalleled support through cutting-edge sales systems.

“As we’ve embraced the digital era and fine-tuned our methodologies, we’ve not only upped our game but also set new benchmarks. And while it feels like a significant leap, I believe this is merely the dawn—just the initial strides in our unwavering pursuit of service excellence. Guided by innovation and dedication, our journey is boundless.”

My Hoffmann embodies the essence of VPG: merging deep-rooted values with forward-thinking leadership. Her journey illuminates our path forward, cherishing tradition while fearlessly charting new horizons.

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