Our UXB lift table is the smart way to start and end lines in your factory or warehouse. Its robust, well-proven scissor design incorporates learnings from our experience in intelligent conveyor systems solutions. Powerful motor, integrated conveyor, high capacity – everything is there to help you improve efficiency by loading/unloading your lines faster, more safely, and more reliably.

So, how could we improve on that? Meet our latest UXB lift table: UXB Narrow. Same power and reliability. Same flexibility and safety. But now in a slimline footprint.

“It was an exciting challenge,” says Christian Sjunesson from our R&D department. “We wondered whether some customers would value a UXB lift table that was a precise fit to a single standard pallet. If so, there was scope for an even more compact model.”

Christian Sjunesson
Christian Sjunesson, R&D

The solution that our R&D developed is our new UXB Narrow, which saves around 21 cm in overall width. “Our concept is designed specifically for a single standard pallet, giving a smaller footprint with no impact on load or performance,” says Christian.

“The new UXB Narrow cleverly frees up valuable space that you can exploit very flexibly. You can use a UXB lift table where it was not previously possible, for example. Give your operators more room to move around the lift table. Or fit more lift tables into a given area.”

Stefan Petersson, Sales and Marketing, explains the wider advantages: “This new addition to our UXB line strengthens our position as your natural partner in advanced logistics and distribution centers. The UXB Narrow gives you even more options for reducing bottlenecks with no compromise on speed, power, or safety. The 1600 kg load and the 15 s lifting time are still there.”

“We are seeing how our rugged UXB lift tables are helping our customers streamline their material flows and improve their factory or warehouse efficiency. Our new UXB Narrow will bring the UXB’s benefits to even more applications across the increasingly automated world of logistics and manufacturing.”

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