What goes on behind the scenes in concert halls and opera houses? How do they create the ideal acoustics for different kinds of performances, for example?

One of the most critical contributions to good acoustics is having the floor correctly positioned for the performance. There must be no gaps or unwanted changes in level, for example, and the whole operation must be carried out rapidly and precisely with minimal disruption. A string quartet one evening, a rock concert the next – the challenges for a busy venue are obvious.

Behind (or under!) the scenes, our lift tables are playing a vital role in positioning floors at more than 20 venues across Scandinavia. We would like to offer you the opportunity to visit some of them, on an inspiring and fascinating guided tour that will give you exciting new insights into how modern cultural events are presented. The tour is completely free (you only pay for any necessary travel and accommodations).

Tour venues are:

Our stage technology expert Peter Andersson has been responsible for hundreds of lift tables at venues across Europe. To find out more, or discuss your tour, please contact him directly:


Phone: +46 70 546 62 43

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