Lift tables need to be strong – but they need to work all the time, too. We hear about a new model.

Hymo’s new lift table, the UXB16- 10/10, is now available on the market. Hymo’s Market Manager Stefan Petersson says that the new UXB “will change the way we look at loading and unloading lines”. The keys are power and flexibility, with a motor that operates at 12 m/s even at a hefty 1600 kg load. It’s designed to take the strain out of heavy lifting, while promising safety and reliability to its global customer base.

Håkan Johansson, InterSystem
Håkan Johansson, InterSystem

The UXB’s robust, long-life design prevents any movement that might cause injury. Thanks to its full line of safety accessories such as safety barriers and its inbuilt safety props, Petersson is confident that the new UXB ensures total safety for the user.

He emphasizes the robustness of the heavy-duty design, which the company says combines innovative parts with proven products to maximize service life. Its ability to accommodate whole or half standard EU pallets (1200 x 800, 600 x 800 and 1200 x 1000) at line heights of up to 1000 mm confirms Hymo’s flexibility claims.

So, why Hymo? We asked Håkan Johansson, Sales Manager for Hymo customer InterSystem, the palletizing provider, to give us some insights.

”We’ve worked with Hymo for many years on vertical positioning, a crucial part of pallet management,” he notes. “We prefer the high quality and reliability of their lift tables, because they contribute significantly to the overall quality of our own systems. A customer should always be able to trust a solution from InterSystem, so the choice of Hymo is an easy one.”

What are his customers looking for, in essence? “Availability is paramount – there must be no downtime, otherwise running costs become very high,” he advises. “Also vital is space efficiency. To use factory areas as effectively as possible, our customers need compactness. And don’t forget that those systems need to be fully adapted to that customer’s own needs.”

Johansson offers expert inside knowledge on the UXB concept. ”Knowledge transfer is important,” he considers. “We have seen the new UXB, and it will have many advantages. When discussing it with Hymo, we started with the Infeeder accessory. Because of our experiences with infeeders, we started to develop this accessory together. The infeeder is basically a buffer zone. When the lift table is working you can put a pallet on the infeeder. Then, as soon as the lift table goes back in position, the infeeder automatically loads the lift table, making the full lifting solution very efficient. Moreover, the infeeder minimizes the risk of dangerous lifts for people or damage to product. Now we have a great lifting table with ideal functionality and Hymo can produce both the lift table and a standardized infeeder.”

With any premium product, what really makes the difference is the detail. “After design each customer order is built up in the InterSystem factory for a real test run before being pulled down and delivered to the customer,” he explains. “Customers regard us as the premium brand, so we need to make sure that we choose all our partners carefully. I can find a cheap solution, perhaps, but what happens three years from now when I need a spare part, or some kind of service for the product?”

“The buying decision is very strongly influenced by service these days, across the entire logistics spectrum.”

”Hymo is a big company that has been around for a long time. I know they will be there also in the future. And if something happens anywhere in the world, I know that Hymo people are stand by to support. That is worth a lot.”

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