Any company that invents their own products knows that coming up with new product ideas or iterations can be difficult. An internally conceived idea for a new product does not always translate into what customers and the market wants. In the case of the new Levitator platform however, it was unusually straight forward. “We just listened to the industry and our customers, listened to their needs. The scope for the new Levitator platform simply grew from that,” says project leader Rutger Clovén.

The new Levitator working platform
The new Levitator working platform

The new Levitator Working Platform is breaking new ground and distribution centers are clearly paying attention. For good reason, since the Levitator is designed to solve many of the often-occurring problems in modern distribution centers and warehouses. As always with our products and projects we look for efficient, safe and environmentally sound practices – Which in turn leads to great savings.

“We created the Levitator with the customer in mind from start to finish,” adds Daniel Fehrman, technical lead on the project. “The goal was to create something space-efficient and portable but without compromising on functionality and safety,” Daniel continues.

The Levitator in action with workers
The Levitator in action with workers

The new Levitator fits most if not all distribution centers and can be used for a large variety of applications. “We are thrilled to soon be able to deliver the new Levitator and cannot wait to see all the clever ways it can modernize our customers production lines and distribution centers,” Rutger concludes.


  • Robust and stable
    Vibration free. Made for consistent high-quality operations.
  • Environmentally friendly
    Oil-free and no risk of spillage
  • For high-tech oil-free applications
    Clean and fit for high standard environments
  • Built-in safety features
    Safety barriers, steel skirts, kick plates, locks and 100% accuracy with the 4-parallel linear actuator self-restraining position
  • Great flexibility, easy to move around
    No pit required
  • No-hassle installation and maintenance
    Included power plug 1×230 VAC, no certified electrician required
  • Space-efficient
    Saves space by not needing external hydraulic unit
Rutger Cloven (L) and Detlev Doernbrack on the Levitator, LogiMAT event, Germany
Rutger Cloven (L) and Detlev Doernbrack on the Levitator, LogiMAT event, Germany

The new Levitator was launched at LogiMAT on May 30th, 2022.

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