Stock management always comes under pressure with the arrival of fall. Manufacturers are boosting production after the summer, while buyers are expecting rapid delivery and turnover. Flexible storage space is at a premium. Fortunately, an efficient and economical solution is available.

An overlooked resource hiding in plain sight

Businesses often turn to costly third-party storage facilities, which make their logistics more complicated. Or they consider time-consuming and expensive projects to construct new warehousing. They overlook a resource that they often have in plentiful supply: empty space in mezzanine and under-roof areas.

“These businesses have probably concluded that while they could exploit these areas with goods lifts, equipment like that is expensive and troublesome to install and run,” says Andreas Höglund, Project Manager. “There is another way, however – the mast-driven lift, or MDL.”

Andreas Höglund, Project Manager
Andreas Höglund, Project Manager

Open up new opportunities with MDL-I

Mast-driven lifts are now available for industrial applications, which opens up new opportunities for exploiting storage space that would otherwise be out of reach. “Our own MDL-I is geared specifically to industrial use,” says Andreas. “The focus is on moving goods, not people, so getting the necessary approvals is quick and easy. And the slimline space-saving design keeps as much space as possible available for storage.”

Safety is important, of course. “The MDL-I has a comprehensive suite of racking and protective rails to keep people as well as goods safe during operations,” Andreas points out.

Rapid, low-cost installation

“At this time of year, there’s a particular need for solutions that you can bring into operation quickly. That clearly excludes traditional goods lifts. In contrast, you can install our cleverly designed MDL-I models in just two days on site,” says Andreas. “There is no need for ground works or other costly and time-consuming preparation. All you need is a small area of clear floor.”

Patrik Brandt and Marcus Andersson at Toveks with their safe and time-saving MDL I
Patrik Brandt and Marcus Andersson at Toveks with their safe and time-saving MDL-I

MDL-I in action

Auto tire shops and service centers offer a good example of MDL-I in practice. According to Andreas, it is already becoming a standard solution across these types of outlets. “As drivers prepare for winter, space for storing tires with quick and easy access is a must. Winter and summer tires are swapped and stored, with customers demanding both speed and low costs. It’s one of the perfect applications for our MDL-I.”

The MDL-I range currently offers two models for loads up to 1500 kg: the MDL-I 350 and MDL-I 550, with maximum lifting heights of 3.5 and 5.5 meters respectively.

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