Stock replenishment small parts, carousel hi-density storage

All the small things

Working with many smaller pieces of goods can pose a real challenge. Workers need to be able to carry out their tasks safely and ergonomically while working efficiently. Vertical or horizontal carousels with automated picking and retrieving technology benefit both workers and business outcomes positively.

Round and round

The carousel typically consists of bins mounted on a track. The worker controls the carousel via smart controls on a computer nearby. It allows you to perform a wide range of tasks ranging from the simplest retrieval to full macro level inventory control. The main goal is to give workers control over the inventory and never have to work in uncomfortable positions or be forced to perform repetitive motions. On top of this it increases overall storage density, throughput and efficiency.


Optimized work stations are a prerequisite in order to design an efficient carousel. It is typically part of the process to update and integrate both work stations and carousel in order to achieve the most optimal flow. If successful, it can greatly improve your facility’s stock picking and replenishment. Our solutions are used for both incoming order handling and replenishing of outgoing stock.