Receiving area

Daily fluctuations and finding the balance

Many factors converge and make the receiving area of a distribution center particularly tough to design safely and efficiently. A receiving area’s main challenge is daily fluctuations in peak hours, demand and type of deliveries. As a result, accidental redundancy and being able to quickly adjust staff coverage can pose a challenge too.

From truck to line in a heartbeat

To address and alleviate some of the challenges we use state-of-the-art automated lift and transport solutions. For example, using lift tables and conveyor belts to automatically receive and transport goods instead of using traditional cargo bays and manual labor. To have truck drivers unload their cargo directly into your line rather than having your staff using trucks and forklifts. An automated solution frees up your workers from some of the otherwise required assistive work during unloading. In short, everyone stands to gain from considering safe, less labor intensive and more cost efficient receiving area solutions.

Rules and regulations

All our products and projects follow current safety standards and recommendations including automatic termination, hand rails, clamp protection and safety barriers. Our products comply with all applicable regulations, including EN1570-1, ensuring proper protection for your workers and those working near them. Remember that just because a product is labeled CE it does not mean that the surrounding area nor the operation of that product is safe. You should always consult specialists and perform safety reviews before deciding on making any changes to your receiving area.

Customer cases

Helping Retail Leader Biltema Increase Safety and Optimize Logistics

Flexible logistics helped Picnic improve efficiency by 60%