Pick and pack

Safe and Efficient Manual Solutions

While automatic solutions are becoming more and more commonplace in our industries there are still cases where manual solutions are preferred. Many times facilities employ a mix of automatic and manual processes, as they have different applications for different needs.

Generally speaking, the more uniform the movement or action the more likely it would benefit from automation. And the other way around, meaning that custom actions with a greater need for flexibility would benefit from a more manual process. With manual processes it is imperative that that the worker has access to equipment and tools to work comfortably without compromising his or her physical well-being. Repetitive strain injuries are common and costly. An investment in reducing the risk of injuries will not only protect your work force, it will likely save a lot of money too.

With safety in mind

Pick and Pack stations come in many shapes and sizes. What they should have in common is that they quickly adjust to the correct working height and be stable. Unstable constructions bring unnecessary risk of causing damage to workers, goods or productivity. All stations are always equipped with safety barriers, hand rails, automatic termination, clamp protection and other safety measures.

Customer case: Custom Work Stations Increase Efficiency at Large Distribution Center