Large component storage. Automated or manual picking

A wide variety of needs

There are as many solutions for large component storage areas as there are distribution centers. Solutions may vary greatly depending on the type of goods that is to be stored and its weight, size and amount. Not to mention differences in time spent in storage. How well the flow can be automatized and adapted to variations in demand is also key. It all comes down to a balance between the capabilities of the facility, safety concerns, the goods and speed of operations.

Flexible solutions

Our solutions are flexible and can be adapted no matter if your facility is mostly automatic, semi-automatic or mostly manual. No matter the flow our main goal is to enable swift handling of goods without causing any physical stress to workers. Even if storage is mostly static the lifting solutions need to be flexible so that they work effortlessly when they in fact are needed. And if required, be moved out of the way or to another station where it may be of better use. Our solutions range from completely manual for safe lifting without electricity to fully automated solutions for lifting large components.