Goods lift, mast-driven (MDL)

Strong, reliable goods lift, mast-driven (MDL)

The mast-driven lift/elevator (MDL) is the easy to install, freestanding solution for rapid vertical positioning across widely varying applications in virtually any environment. Our MDL design and construction build on our long experience to deliver cost-effective, long-term solutions that combine reliability and safety with flexibility and easy customization.

Goods Lifts

Our MDLs are quick and easy to install, thanks to their standalone construction, with no pit or pre-existing mast required. The rugged construction guarantees vibration-free lifting day in, day out, even at extreme heights. Quiet and space-saving, our MDLs are therefore the ideal solution inside and outside your building, with the flexibility of lift heights up to 9 m.

Our unique MDLs have easy ramp access and a very low closed height. They use high-quality, well-engineered components such as direct-acting hydraulic telescopic lift cylinders to ensure safe, smooth, and self-leveling operation.

Our non-modularized MDL Classic has a capacity of 3000 kg, and is fully customizable for lift heights of up to 9 m. We also offer two cost-saving modularized industrial models (MDL-I) for indoor use: MDL 350 and MDL 550, with maximum lift heights of 3.5 and 5.5 m respectively and a 1500 kg capacity.

Standard features of all our MDLs include:

  • Pawl device prevents unintentional lowering
  • Barriers/handrails improve safety
  • Power pack for quiet operation and emergency lowering
  • Access ramp avoids need for pit
  • Overload protection eliminates risk of damage
  • Control cabinet (PLd) guarantees safety with all electrical controls and sensors

Meet regulatory requirements

Our MDLs comply with all applicable regulations, including EN1570-1 or Machine Directive 2006/42/EC, Annex IIA, depending on the application. This ensures proper protection for your operators and people working near them.

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Your guarantee of uninterrupted operation

When you buy our MDLs, you benefit from our responsive local presence, which ensures quick and trouble-free installation and service. And above all, you can be confident your solution comes from an industry leader whose experience and expertise are your guarantee of safe, smooth and uninterrupted operation. We back all this with our comprehensive two-year warranty and a supportive service contract offer.

Additional services

  • Training helps existing and new employees achieve top performance at minimum cost
  • Technical support finds the right solution for you, freeing up your resources
  • Installation directly to your line by a knowledgeable and experienced partner
  • Third-party approvals are available on demand to assure quality and safety
Overview, features and benefits - Goods Lifts (188kB .pdf)

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