As part of her studies at Stanford University, California, Lettie Cabot spent a few weeks at Hymo’s IT department as an intern. Despite the internship only spanning a few weeks over summer she managed to improve the DSS self-service portal making it easier for customers to order spare parts, get quotes and explore our wide range of lifting solutions.

“It is truly a remarkable tool.” Lettie says with a smile. “It will empower customers and enable them to manage most of the admin surrounding this type of service themselves. No need to phone someone or wait for a reply unless the matter at hand requires as much.

Consequently, if more customers can solve simpler matters themselves, it will free up the experts at Hymo who can spend their precious time helping customers with qualified and more complex issues,” she continues.

Lettie Cabot, here with her mentor Erik Ising

What Lettie did was that she targeted specific areas where she identified room for improvement and simply got to work and shared her input. The first area may sound unimportant, the process of logging in, but a poor login solution can define the whole customer experience if it does not behave smartly and securely.

“Security is the most important aspect, but it should also be easy to login and retrieve your password if you have forgotten it. Smart features and security are key and considering the critical information that often is handled, I’m happy that a company like Hymo takes it seriously throughout all aspects of the business,” she adds.

Lettie Cabot, Stanford University
Lettie Cabot, Stanford University

“With her background in computer science, linguistics and philosophy she also has experience outside of programming and C++ she was also able to provide great input on our UX,” says Erik Ising, who is responsible for the service portal. “With new ideas and ways to use graphics and images we can build an even better and more intuitive tools for our customers.

It was great to see the mind of a student at work, a mind not yet set in routine, which made it possible for her to spot these opportunities for improvement and we are very grateful for that,” Erik continues.

The DSS self-service portal is a completely new service where distributors and chosen customers can manage various support processes themselves. The portal is in beta with a select few chosen distributors and stay tuned for more updates on the upcoming general launch this fall.

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