Environmental considerations are an important part of our everyday lives here at Hymo. “We are constantly striving to improve all our processes and activities to minimize their environmental impact,” says Pär Martinsson, Purchase manager. Learn more about our environmental initiatives.

Pär Martinsson, Purchase manager, points out that environmental work at Hymo is in two main strands. “We are naturally trying to make the work environment safer and healthier for employees, as well as more efficient. But we also work hard to make our company and its activities more sustainable, and to minimize their impact on the wider environment.”
“Our sustainability policy guides all these efforts, spanning not only our legal and regulatory obligations but also our own company initiatives,” continues Pär. “One prominent example is our recent commitment to renewable energy. We have agreed to source our electricity, which is one of our major energy inputs, from Bixia.”

100% renewable

The important thing here is that Bixia delivers 100% renewable electricity from local generators. “Bixia’s amibitions for long-term sustainability are an excellent match for our own,” says Pär. “Both of us recognize that every step counts in the fight against climate change.”

Not just the big numbers

Energy is where the big numbers and obvious impacts are. “Our conversion to sustainable electricity is important,” says Pär, “but other initiatives also contribute. We are moving quickly towards full digitalization and paperless working, for example. Fewer trees are felled, transported, and pulped. Less chemicals are used, less waste has to be disposed of. All these minimize our environmental impact and contribute to our sustainability agenda.”
Customers also benefit directly from the move from print to digital media. “They have the information they need at their fingertips, anywhere and at any time,” notes Pär. “It is much more convenient for them. And it is easier for us to keep the information up-to-date and accurate.”

Certificate from Bixia regarding
purchase of 100% renewable electricity.

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