Hymo acquires its first export agents in 1961. The subsidiaries are mainly sales companies. The Hymo Lift Ltd subsidiary is established in the UK in 1967. Some production starts there in the early 1970s. It becomes Hymo Limited in 1994. Hymo SA is established in France in 1976.

Hymo GmbH starts in Germany in 1988. Hymo SA moves from Paris to Lyon in 1991.

Subsidiaries focus mainly on selling standard and custom products. The parent company also has substantial catalog sales to companies such as Manutan (France), Logistep (Finland) and Gigant (Sweden). In 1997, the product range is refined to include the new Optima and Maxima lift table ranges.

Hymo AB is now a subsidiary of Marco Group AB. Group affiliation provides synergy effects in purchasing and in broadening the product range, and improves profitability.

2006 –
The Hymo Group’s companies continue to gain market share for both standard products and customization. The parent company’s catalog sales increase, with Hymo products now represented in some 30 European sales vehicles.

2016 –
Hymo was aquired by the Southworth Group and became a member of the Vertical Positioning Group.